Renewables Candidate Forum

Save with Renewables Expert Panel Event

PLUS – Your chance to quiz Higgins candidates on sustainability and climate

Please come to this event Save with Renewables / Candidate Forum in Higgins and invite your friends.

Want to learn more about saving on energy bills, making your own power and protecting our climate?

Join our stellar panel of experts to learn about the huge leaps in energy efficiency and clean energy technology; the rapidly improving business case for renewables, and ways that the community could save from day one.  This is your chance to meet industry experts and find out more about the big picture for solar and renewables transition, and keep up to date with changes in the energy policy landscape.

With the recent temperature spike and bleaching of the Reef, climate has become a front line election issue.

How do our candidates vision the future – how they will advance a clean energy transition, increase community resilience and create programs to help lower energy bills? How will they support solar for households and businesses? How will they protect our climate from the damage caused by the big polluters?

Join us this coming Tuesday 7th June at 7pm at the Moss Room, Prahran Mechanics Institute, 39 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran. Light refreshments will be served.

Inquiries: Sally Newell 0426 171 733

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What is SCAN?

Stonnington Climate Action Network (SCAN) is an independent group of concerned, local residents committed to action on global warming. We are a small non-profit, community centred organisation, not aligned with any political party.


Sustainable Environment Strategy 2013–2017

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Stonnington council’s Sustainable Environment Strategy 2013–2017 provides a strategic approach to improving the local environment and its influence on the health and sustainability of the city.

Priority areas include:

  • environmental commitment and reporting
  • energy conservation
  • integrated water management
  • minimising waste and maximising resource recovery
  • sustainable purchasing and product use
  • biodiversity
  • environmental education.

Sustainable Environment Strategy 2013-2017(PDF, 3MB)


100% RENEWABLE human sign in Paris
100% RENEWABLES human sign in Paris

A new wind farm was opened in Victoria as the Andrews government prepares to release its Renewable Energy Action Plan, which will set Renewable Energy Targets for the state.

Friends of the Earth welcomed the opening of the wind farm, which was built thanks to the ACT’s Renewable Energy Target of 90 percent by 2020.

“The Coonooer Bridge wind farm is a shining example of how state and territory governments can lead on renewables,” said Leigh Ewbank, Friends of the Earth’s renewable energy spokesperson.

“The ACT’s renewable energy scheme is bringing jobs and investment to Victoria at a time when the sector is still recovering from Federal government attacks.”



rallyClimate change rally: Tens of thousands gather in Melbourne ahead of UN talks
By Sara Phillips – 28 Nov 2015, 7:54am

Tens of thousands of people have gathered for a climate change rally in Melbourne, in one of the largest demonstrations of its kind.

Rally organisers have estimated that up to 60,000 took to the streets, while Victoria Police said up to 40,000 were in attendance.