Stonnington Climate Action Network (SCAN) is an independent group of concerned, local residents committed to action on global warming. We are a small non-profit, community centred organisation, not aligned with any political party.

Our vision is to create a safe climate future by supporting Stonnington residents, community groups, Local Council and businesses in promoting actions to combat climate change. This is achieved by lobbying decision makers and encouraging sustainable practices, energy efficiency, low carbon transport systems and fostering a transition to renewable energy.

SCAN’s goals are:

  1. To reduce CO2 emissions generated by Stonnington Council, businesses and residents
  2. To raise awareness around opportunities to be more sustainable, locally and in our day to day lives.
  3. Influence decision makers to reduce carbon emissions.
  4. Implement renewable sources of energy locally.
  5. Improve energy efficiencies of local businesses, households and other energy users.
  6. Improve access to low-emission transport for residents.
  7. Build relationships with other organisations with the same aims.
  8. Form alliances that share skills and knowledge, resources and plans that enable local community members to significantly influence decisions around climate change, renewable energy and sustainability, both locally and at a federal level.